Breaking news.
Women are not men.
Continuous life changes that affect our bodies.
500+ of menstrual cycles over forty years.
Health and fitness products, devices and platforms are made based on male physiology.
Over 80% of medical research is focused on male species.
Only 3% of global budgets in sports research is female focused.
Welcome to the female era.

Track your data from your wearables and manual inputs.

Get insights.

Understand patterns and changes.


Get your autogenerate tailored plans.

Continuous support and accountability.

The plans adapts on the fly to your physiology, cycle, progress and injuries.


Analyse progress and race day performances.

Get your daily updated plans to elevate your achievement.

Engaged community for inspiration and motivation.


Understand your body, the symptoms you feel, detect the correlations and patterns, learn what can work best for you, at each phase of your life or of your cycle.

Our community is fully behind us.
Lydia Hanewich.
Amateur rower, Volunteer, Women in Sports.
“You have created an incredible tool that is positively impacting our population"

"I struggled with the female athlete triad for over 10 years. I never had a coach who could help me”
Paula Radcliffe.
Olympian, 17 years world marathon record holder.
“I think it’s really important what you’re doing at WILD.AI because it’s enabling women to fulfil their potential”

“There are so many wrong diagnosis and unknowns in female sports and health”
Alice Cobb.
Professional Cyclist.
“We don’t know what a ‘healthy female athlete’ is. I had amenorrhea for most of my athletic career"

"I’m afraid of bone density-related injuries but we don’t have any knowledge about it”

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