Your trail kit

Get ready for those long hours climbing mountains, fighting the natural elements
Welcome to the world of ultra-trailers: Your essential Kit

I’ve always been impressed and inspired by those humans fighting the elements, from my uncle
Gerard d’Aboville, the first man who crossed the Atlantic — and then the Pacific rowing solo, my friendOlly Hicks preparing his world tour rowing solo, or athletes such as Kilian Jornet who take the mountains are their playgrounds. What a beautiful way to be in harmony with earth.

Discovery the Ultra-Trail world has been one of my most life-changing revelation. Hours climbing, falling, running down, sweating, crossing nights and days through magical landscapes, and more than anything meeting people going through the same challenge, sweating together and binding friendships for ever.

Here isn’t a story about that, although I’m tempted to continue writing about it — but it’s about sharing a kit list I’ve been asked many times to provide.

Here you go, feel free to open it, contribute, comment and share it!

Add your name and tick things you’re taking, so over time it becomes a good source for anyone in Trail.


If you find it useful, do let us know! And sign up to to train smart