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What is training load and how can I see my training load data in Wild?

Training load is an estimate of how hard you trained i.e. fatigue, in the last 7 days compared against your recent average i.e. fitness, in the last 28 days. In some cases, it can be a predictor for injury risk. Staying within an 'optimal zone' can be achieved by balancing your fitness with your fatigue. For instance, if you have trained very hard recently, but not so much prior, your training load may be too high. Similarly, if you haven't trained very hard in the last 7 days, but you were training consistently before, then your training load may be too low or suboptimal. Wild calculates your training load through your inputs of training intensity, frequency and duration. Make sure to add your training sessions and complete your post-training check-in for RPE or rate of perceived exertion to calculate your training load estimates in Wild AI.