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Why should I train with my menstrual cycle?

Why should I train with my cycle?

It is estimated that close to 75% of female athletes and sportswomen are negatively impacted by their menstrual cycles while training. The rise and fall of female endogenous sex hormones, doesn't just have an impact on our reproductive system, but can also impact other aspects of physiology and performance.

For instance, based on the levels of hormones, our bodies may need more carbohydrates, more emphasis on injury prevention, additional time for sleep or cooling methods. While the evidence base is still building, tracking your individual patterns of symptoms and perceived exertion across your cycle would help you understand the impact of the difference phases of your cycle has on your performance.

From here, you are able to put into place a training plan that works with your cycle that allows you to hit high intensities more often, or know when you can go longer distances. You would also be able to put in nutrition practices and supplements that will help improve chances of performance even in phases that you are likely not to feel your best, because you're going to be aware of your individual symptoms and when they're likely to arise.