As athletes, we know the training is what makes the race.
But what about the rest?
We need to have a holistic approach to our body to be able to train smarter.
Finally understand how your sleep, nutrition, stress, activities, etc impact and are impacted by each other.

  • Journaling

    Check-in daily and after your activities: being an athlete is a whole journey.

  • Your friend's calendar

    Wonder where your friends race next? Check it here.

  • Set your training plan

    And modify it at will, flexible for your busy life.

  • Get insights & recommendations

    What to do with that data?

  • See your progress

    Visualise how you're progressing and where you're going.

  • Get rewarded

    Get rewarded for your hard work.

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What's in me

We help you understand your body
through your data
and act on it.

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At WILD we love being outdoors and active.
We thrive at exploring how mind and bodies react to different environments.

We constantly look for the creative minds, the different ones,
the innovators, the ones that don't fit.
Join us to build the future of health!

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